Randy has received many Songwriting and Male Vocalist awards from the Country Gospel Music Association and the King Cat Music Association. He Ministers with his music for church services and full live concerts.

Norma Jean & Husband, Al Martin
Receiving the "Best Country of the Year" award from the King Cat music association.
Book Randy for a Concert at your church or anywhere you would like.
He will sing a variety of original Christian songs, Country, Blues, Singer/Songwriter.
No set fee just a "Love Offering" and his CD's will be available for purchase.
As always he will give a clear presentation of the Gospel​​​.
It will be​ an enjoyable uplifting event.
My Newest Recording Project
 All creation here below, Mountains, valley’s, the rivers that flow                                                               every creature on land and sea every flower, plant and tree
All mankind he meant to be, Every one, you and me
God eternal in whom all things consist                                                                                                        With just a word, caused to exist.                                                                                                                      Almighty God the essence of Love 
Creation exhibits His Glory above.
This God who is timeless made time for me
A Creature of time who was meant to be
His crowning work the praise of His Glory
Till Sin entered in and changed the Story
Sin entered the World and then entered me
I entered the Darkness and could no longer see
And for a time, no longer could hear
His gentle voice calling me near                                                                                                                        This mortal man with time running out
Lost in the darkness of fear and doubt
Searched for the living among the dead
Sought happiness but found sorrow instead
But the God who is timeless made time for me
Stepped into time from eternity
God the Son became sin on that day 
And died on the cross to take it away.
Then on the third day He rose again
And conquered Death for every man
His wonderful words I do believe
His gift of Life I gladly receive.
The one who is Timeless now lives in me
This creature of time for Eternity 
This God who is timeless made time for you
Stepped into time for His chosen few
Poured out His life and made a way
The time of salvation, today is the day.